Monday (I think) WIPS

personal landscapes wips

Did I tell you anything at all about what I’m doing with these textile art pieces?  I don’t think I did.  Here is another little peek into my process.  This is a project I’ve been incubating for the last year.  Through the art, I’m working through ideas of what I’m calling personal landscapes, thinking about how people and families are shaped and influenced by the landscapes they exist in.  I’m doing a piece for every place I’ve lived.

personal landscapes wips_2

Each piece starts with a vintage napkin or towel or hankie which becomes my canvas.  Some pieces will have actual pieces of the earth from that spot.  With each, I’m thinking about what the strongest feelings that place conjures up for me are.

I need to get back to it, so I’ll show and tell you more later.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear your ideas on the subject.  How are you affected by the landscape that surrounds you? How has it shaped your family?

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