Thrift Store Living Room Makeover: Part 1

I have the most horrible case of spring fever.  I can often be found clawing at the windows and howling at the door to be let out.  I know, though, that it is still February and I have weeks or months to go.

thrift store room makeover

So I have decided to bring a little spring into my dark and dreary living room.  Here is the before picture.  Not only can I not afford new furniture….

thrift store room makeover_3

but as long as someone keeps throwing up all over the existing furniture, getting new stuff would just be heart wrenching. 

thrift store room makeover_2

I’ve already started adding some extra color to the mantel.

thrift store room makeover_1

I went around the house gathering up whatever I could find that popped.  As you can see, even though I’ve been talking about painting my walls for the past three years, it hasn’t happened yet.  I believe it will very soon.  DH walked into the room the other day, carrying a shirt I had never seen before.  I said, “Stop right there!  That is my wall color!”  So we’re going to take the shirt to Lowe’s and have some paint mixed:)

thrift store room makeover_4

Today, I escaped from the confines of these walls for a bit, and made my way to the thrift store.  I spent only $14 and plan to get a new room out of it.  Now, don’t be alarmed; I know some of those pillows there are hideous (except the blue one).  I want to bury the ugly couch in bright colored pillows, but why pay $10 a piece for pillow forms when I can get them for 50 cents at the thrift store?

thrift store room makeover_6

I am going to cover the ugly pillows with these pillow cases,

thrift store room makeover_5

and whatever is in this bag.  I don’t know what is in there, but it was full of pretty color and only 99 cents!  Shall we peek inside?

thrift store room makeover_7

Ohhhhh!  It’s a faded-edged table cloth and some large pieces of very old smelling fabric with two edge seams.

thrift store room makeover_8

I almost forgot to show you my favorite find!  Isn’t this gorgeous?  Imagine how pretty it would be with some flowers tucked in there.

I have a lot of work to do, starting with throwing most of this in the washing machine, but probably not the cast iron tea kettle;)  I thought I would just put the pillows in the dryer on high heat to kill anything that might be on them.  (I’m germaphobic)  Do you think that’s a good idea?

I can’t wait to see the results and to show them to you!  I sure hope this works!

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