Mystery Project

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012

Art House Co-op frequently has participatory art projects you can sign up for.  Awhile back, I signed up for the Mystery Project.  They sent me a theme, “If tomorrow came yesterday” and a marker; my job was to interpret the theme any way I wanted, then install the art in a public place for a stranger to find, and document it with a photograph.

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_1

Time and its passing is always on my mind, so that’s what I went with.

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_2

I tried to portray the emotion that comes with time flying and all that goes by so fast you can’t hold on to it.  Ok, so maybe the tear was a bit too obvious, but I was placing drops of ink on the page and it just seemed to fit.

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_3

I took a little board book, sanded the pages, and covered them in gesso.  Then I pasted pages from calendars, mathematical formulas (for figuring out how to stop time), pictures of watches, clockwork diagrams, and random papers.  I added this little matchbox that I made months ago.

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_4

The months fly by —- Whoosh!

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_5

Do the shadows in my photos communicate the drama?  Now I’m being glib.  It must be the heat;)

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_7

I took the piece over to Gilgal Gardens to find a hiding place.  There were people there; usually there aren’t many, so I had to be sneaky!

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012-9

Then I remembered that I hadn’t photographed the inside of the matchbox.

sketchbook project stranger art May 2012_8

There it is, that little yellow spot, over at the cave entrance.

It was a fun project.  I procrastinated until the very last two days before it was due.  It seems that procrastination is a constant self-improvement project that I’m working on.  I have a list though of things I’ve been putting off, both fun and not-so-fun, and I am trying to check off an item a day.  I can report that I am succeeding quite well with this checking off of my list:)

It turned hot here in Utah.  Summer has arrived!  I’m happy for that.  What are you up to?

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