Mug Rugs

Have you heard of Craft Social?  It’s a fun group that gets together each month on twitter and chats about crafty stuff.  This month, as a fun extra, we did a mug rug swap.  A mug rug is a coaster that has room on it for your mug, plus a snack.  We were all given a name and address of someone to send a mug rug to.

mug rugs

This was my surprise from Norma.  How sweet is this?  Not only did she send a mug rug, but included a tea cozy with a “B” on it, and a cute little domino magnet!  I love them!

mug rugs_1

My recipient likes steampunk, so that’s what I was trying to go for here.  What do you think?
Does it convey steampunk? 

mug rugs_2

I didn’t want to attach a bunch of metal gears and things because it is supposed to be washable.  Plus, there must be room for that tea and cookie!  I did crochet the edging, and the little circles, under which I inserted those flattened marble thingies.  I don’t know what they’re called.

I have some chicken soup simmering on the stove.  DH caught my cold, even with lots of declaring that my germs can’t make him sick.  I’m off to add more garlic to that soup:)

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