Crochet Spider Web Pattern

beaded spider on crochet web

Spooky Crochet Spider Web

Some notes first: sc = single crochet; dc = double crochet; ch = chain
Picot = ch 3, then slip stitch in stitch immediately below.

Ch 5; join with slip stitch to form loop. Ch 1; do 9 sc in loop. Do not join.
1st round: (sc in next sc, ch1) 8 times, sc in next sc, ch2.
2nd round: (sc in next sc, ch2) 8 times; sc in next sc ch3.
3rd round: (dc in next sc; ch3) twice; (dc in next sc ch4) 7 times
4th round: dc in next dc, ch4, ( dc in next dc, ch5) twice, (dc in next dc, ch 6)twice, (dc in next dc, ch 5) twice, (dc in next dc, ch6) twice.
5th round: 1 tr in next dc, ch6, 1 tr in next dc, ch 7, 1 tr in next dc, ch 7, 1 tr in next dc, ch8, 1 tr in next dc, ch8, 1 tr in next dc, ch 9, 1 tr in next dc, ch7, 1 tr in next dc, ch8, 1 tr in next dc, ch 7.
6th round: 1 tr in next tr, picot, 7ch, 1 tr in next tr, picot, ch 8,1 tr in next tr, picot, ch 8, 1 tr in next tr picot, ch 9, 1 tr in next tr, picot ch10, 1 tr in next tr picot ch10, 1 tr in next tr, picot ch 10, 1 tr in next tr, picot ch 11, 1 tr in next tr, picot ch 11.  Slip stitch in base of first tr.  Cut thread and finish off by sewing in thread end.  Attach thread to any picot; chain 40.  Slip stitch in 10th ch from hook.  Ch 1; 20 sc in loop.  Slip stitch to first sc.  Cut thread and finish off.

On those last few rows, the number of chain stitches between your dc and tr can vary according to your needs.  Your own tension will determine how many stitches you need to get a shape that will lie flat and the spokes radiating from the center point straight out and don’t pull in one direction or another.  So where I say “ch 9” you might need to chain 8 or 10.  Just fiddle with it.  Lay it out flat every now and again to see if it’s working right.

spider web tute

Now you need to pin it.  Yes, I did forget to make the hanging chain:)  Place a pin in each picot, starting at the top and placing pins in opposite picots, pulling tight.

spider web tute_1

Now spray the heck out of it with some starch!

spider web and beaded spider_2

After it dries, it should look like this.  Oh wait! Mine has a spider on it!  Ok, go to this site for instructions to make your own spider:)  Eewwww!  It gives me the willies just looking at this!  I need to hurry and make it go away!

I hope you enjoy this little pattern.  I find that writing crochet patterns is so much easier than knitting patterns.  That’s probably because I understand crochet better than knitting.  If you would like some basic crochet instructions, the Lion Brand Yarn site is a wealth of information.  You do have to sign up to access their patterns, but they don’t spam you.  Spam sucks.

I hope you have a very fantabulous weekend:)  I’ll see you on Monday!

***Edit 8/16/13  I see a lot of traffic coming to this post:)  If you try this pattern out, I would love love love if you’d give me some feedback.  I want to be sure the patterns I write are easy for other folks to understand.  This pattern is not precise and exact.  You may need to fiddle with it to get the right number of chains between the spokes.  I just came back to this pattern after not doing it for a year or so and my own tension has changed enough that I had to add extra chains here and there.  Also, if you want your spiderweb larger, just keep going around, increasing the number of chains between spokes.  Do the picots on your final round.  One more thing – whose idea was it to crochet with black thread???  Every time I do it, I curse myself;)

10 Replies to “Crochet Spider Web Pattern”

  1. I thought it wasjust me who has a hard time seeing black or dark colored thread? I just started trying thread crochet last December, I really love it and I’m told I do beautiful work, (I’ve been crocheting almost 30 odd years but never with thread, too intimidating) So, any suggestions or tips on how to make it easier to see? I’d love to have creepy spiderweb doilies and decorations out for Halloween, but I don’t wanna go blind or crosseyed either.

    1. Barb, I know what you mean! I have this idea for a huge corner spider web I want to put in my living room, but I go cross eyed just thinking about making it! My suggestions are do it during the daylight with a bright light! And wear your glasses if you have ’em:)

  2. Hi! I used your pattern to make a spiderweb in white yarn to stretch across the centre of my Halloween wreath. It worked perfectly, thank you!

  3. Hi. What kind of thread do you use? Do you think black yarn would be too chunky and not delicate enough? I don’t normally crochet with thread. Thanks!

    1. Claire, I think yarn might be a little to big. I use #10 size Lizbeth crochet cotton. I think you can find it at JoAnne’s. I order mine from Handy Hands online. And do it in a well lit area:)

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