Messages from the Universe and Some Crafty Fun

heart stones

What a week this has been.  I’ve been exaggeratedly stressing out over my reef project.  Yesterday, just when I thought things were balancing out and I could relax a little… and I mean no more than 5 minutes had passed…. suddenly this horrible cacophony of *music* came blasting from the neighbor’s house.  They got a drum set.  Oh joy.

Rose the six-toed-cat was NOT pleased either.  Actually, she was kind of funny to watch, but her actions reflected my feelings exactly.  She was running around, trying to find a place to escape from the noise.

I fell into bed last night, exhausted, and went straight into a dead sleep.  Until….a bright flash of light!  My instantaneous thought was, “lightening”, but no, it was followed by a series of loud, very loud, explosions and more flashes.  Kids shooting off roman candles in front of the house.  In the middle of the night!  I couldn’t sleep after that.

be love

So this morning I decided I wasn’t going to expect too much of myself today.  Decided it was time to let go a little of the expectations I’m putting on myself.  I thought I’d go do some mindless grocery shopping.  Coming home, I created quite an amusing scene.  I had to laugh at myself, at the incongruity.  I was driving along, windows open, and blasting Hare Krishna so sooth my soul.  There was a bus in front of me that kept stopping.  I would get irritated because there was too much traffic to go around, then redirect my focus to the music to calm myself.  Then I would miss my chance to get around the bus when the traffic went by.  So this kept happening at every corner.  Finally, just a block from my house, the bus stopped again, and I start cussing loudly at myself for not having gone around the damn bus to begin with.  Then I had to laugh at the whole thing, Hare Krishna and cussing.  Two opposing factors!  When I got home, I got out of the car and this heart stone was there.  I’m carrying it with me today to remember to be love.

autumn swag craft

A highpoint of the week was when my friend Setenay came over for a crafty play date.  We made autumn swags to decorate our porches.  I love having a friend to craft with:)  Just to sit and play with paint and glue, chatting away, sipping our coffee.  It’s good stuff.

autumn swag craft segment

We painted these wooden leaf and acorn shapes, then attached them to the ribbon with craft wire.  We added buttons and real acorns.  It looks so lovely on my front porch:)

I think I’ll spend my afternoon catching up on some blog reading, and sipping more coffee.  You have a great, relaxing and quiet weekend.  I’ll see you on Monday!

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