Special Visitor and Alternative Salt Lake Tour

Our special visitor I was telling you about came to see us.  She is my younger son’s ex-girlfriend.  We still consider her a part of the family.  It was so good to see her again; it’s been six years.  She is taking an “Epic Summer Road Trip” across the entire US.  She is a brave and adventurous girl.  I admire her.


This was her first trip to Salt Lake, so we took her on our special, very special new visitor tour.  We went by the Capitol building…

goin' to the chapel

…then to the church across the street.

Memory Grove

This is the view from above Memory Grove, a park that was built as a Memorial to Utah war veterans.

great salt lake hike to the water

Next on the agenda was a trip out to Saltair and the Great Salt Lake.  That’s a long hike out to the water!

the great salt lake

I love this place.  There is something so ancient and primordial about it.


After a bite of lunch at One World Cafe, we went over to an odd little park just east of downtown, called Gilgal.   It was built by Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. who was both a Mormon and a stone mason.  I find the Joseph Smith Sphynx just a little unsettling.  My very first visit to this park was with my husband and my daughter.  We got locked in at dusk and had to climb the fence to get out.  It is a small park and we were making a lot of noise.  It was no accident is all I’m saying.

Mrs. Child

This is Mrs. Child.  She is buried here, so I’m told.

giant foot

Many years ago…

giant leg

giant space aliens landed here at Gilgal.  These are their remains.  True story!  I wouldn’t lie to you.

Olmec Head in SLC

I believe they must have been related to the Olmecs.

Thomas Battersby Child

This is Thomas Battersby Child, Jr.  It’s his self portrait.

Shrine to the Blessed Virgin

After that little excursion, we went to a favorite spot of mine.  It is a shrine to the Blessed Mother.  In 1997 a city worker discovered this tree with what appeared to be an image of the Virgin Mary in a knot.  The knot was weeping and has been since.  A shrine was erected and people come by to give devotion and offer prayers.

Holy Mary Mother of God

This is the knot.  The water or tears form in the little indents, like tiny wells.

I will be back next week with more of our Strange Salt Lake Tour, but tomorrow is Friday’s Herbal.  I do believe we’ll be doing lavender.  See you then!

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