Pin-it-Forward: What Home Means to Me

Victoria over at sfgirlbybay has partnered with pininterest and put together a huge blogfest all about “what home means to me”.   Pininterest is a very fun tool for keeping track of all those beautiful images and ideas you find on the internet.  Today I get to give my version of what home means to me.

somebody's home
 image via me

Home. That word holds so much meaning. On the most basic level it’s the walls and roof which give shelter, but it’s so much more than the physical.  Just the word makes me feel safe. It is rest. Bliss. An oasis. Shelter not only from the elements, but from the noise and chaos of the world.

a different perspective
Home is where I can relax and be silly with my husband.
image left via flickr image right from stephmodo found via Nicole Balch’s pin
 I can pursue interests.

For much of my life, the house or apartment I lived in was a place of conflict, not refuge. It was a place I would tend to avoid if I could.

folded linens
 photo via me

Now I have found refuge. Home is my favorite place to be. Although I do enjoy travel, after about 5 days I just want to be in my own home.

I don’t consider myself a very materialistic person, but there are some of my things that give me that sense of home. My kitchen items mainly. The kitchen equals hearth, which is a synonym for home. Cooking healthful delicious meals amplifies that feeling of home.

 image via Heather Bullard

I want guests in my home to experience the same sense of comfort and safety that we feel here.  I strive to bring graciousness into our home.  When people walk in my front door, I want their first thought to be, “ahhhh”.

image from Blomsterverkstad

My garden is an important part of home for me. Having a little plot of earth that I can dig in and grow our food and pretty flowers gives me a feeling of security and place. I can plant my own roots here.

Thanks for stopping by to see my interpretation of home.  You can see my Pin-it-Forward board here.  Check out the other Pin-it-Forward posts and you are sure to find some new favorite blogs! Next up tomorrow in my group is Ashleigh from Little Girl, Big World.

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