I’ve been thinking a lot lately and doing some reading about simplicity. I’m trying to pare down my life, mostly my junk, to make life more simple. I find that in many areas, that which is more simple is also more pleasant. Often times the most simple meals are tastier and more enjoyable than ones that take a multitude of ingredients and hours to prepare. A quiet evening hanging out with friends is more pleasing to me than something that requires lots of advance planning and getting gussied up. Although that can be fun, too. But right now I’m thinking of how sweet last night was at my friend T’s, sitting outside under a canopy, under the rain, eating delicious food we all cooked together, and enjoying each others company.

As Darling Hubby and I put our energies into finding a new home, it brings up more questions of simplicity. How much house do we really need? Two bathrooms would certainly be nice, and on some rare occasions absolutely important; is it a necessity? And how much of our “stuff” do we need to take with us? As I sort and pack I’m finding that the stacks of magazines and boxes of junk for future art projects are overwhelming to me. My stuff is draining me of energy. Even my books, and I LOVE books, are inundating me. I can’t read as fast as I can buy more books. I’ve started getting books mostly from the library, but even then I check out more than I can read. And then I get stressed because there might be important information in those books that will CHANGE MY LIFE!

I always joke that I’m a pack rat that can’t stand clutter and it’s all my parents’ fault. My mother has always been a pack rat, and my father would throw away anything that wasn’t put in its place. Mom is very clean, mind you, but she has lots of stacks of stuff. I have to always have all of my stuff hidden in boxes, in closets, in the basement, where I can’t see it, or it makes me nervous.

I gave myself an ultimatum: I am NOT taking all of this mess with me to a new house! I have agreed with myself to clean out my “art supplies”. I like to make assemblage pieces, or rather I like to think about making assemblage art and collect random junk to make it with. I will dispose of (recycle, give away) anything that is not a unique, hard to come by item. I will not save random blocks of wood or altoid tins. They’re gone. And the old tv that doesn’t have its tv guts anymore, the one I was saving to create a shrine? Out it goes. When I get ready to actually build the shrine, I will find another shell. The stacks of magazines will find their way to a collage artist maybe, or a shelter or kids’ art program. I’m dead serious about this. The fewer boxes I have to help carry, the happier I will be:)

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  1. well… I go along, I need to take some of my advice! The TV cabinet I promised to get rid of? As we were carrying it out, we (I) got the idea that it would make a really funny liquor cabinet! DH liked the idea, so it stayed!

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