Call me Grinchy McScrooge

I have a confession. I am a grinch. I’m sitting here in my studio window, watching it snow. It’s a beautiful winter wonderland out there and I have no holiday spirit whatsoever. I just want January 1st to be here so I can start on a new year. The awful truth is that this happens every year; I think this year is worse than most. I get excited about Christmas the week of Thanksgiving. And really, I’ve always considered Thanksgiving to be just a transitional holiday to move from Hallowe’en (the holiday I like) to Christmas. For all of that week and for a couple days after, I plan all the xmas crafts I want to make, the cookies, the gift baskets I want to do. I pull out the cross stitch and quilt that I’ve been working on for ten years…… Then some big, major, chaotic troublesome thing happens to interrupt the holiday flow. That’s when I also realize that there is no money to do any of what I’d planned anyway. Then the days start whizzing by and I whittle down my list to what is realistic, and by then I just don’t want to play anymore.

I want January, a brand new year. 365 chances to get my house clean, finish all of my projects, get another year older. The only xmas cheer I’m interested in right now comes in a glass….. and it’s only 10AM.

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