Here is the next step in the dream painting. WOW! I’ve really gotten far; just painting like a mad woman, I have been! Well, I actually have been painting…and drawing.

I’ve been working in my sketchbook and on random pieces of paper, and in an altered book. I did this. I’m experimenting with different media. On this I drew the birds and bits of water with oil pastel, then melted it with the heat gun and smeared the paint around. Then I painted over with watercolors.

This is the start of a new painting. So far I’ve used water soluble graphite. These are white faced ibis. I’m working from a photograph I took last year at Bear River Bird Refuge. These birds have the most amazing plumage; it’s metallic blues, greens, and bronze. So even though I like the look of just graphite, I feel compelled to add in color. To see what they look like in life, go here. This is a friend’s Flickr page. He takes amazing photographs. I wish I could do what he does.

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