embrace the face challenge

Oh it’s early in the morning and I’m not thinking clearly yet.  I got on the computer and started looking around at other mixed media blogs.  I found embrace the face and there was a guest book with a big arrow that said “sign this guest book”.  So I did, and added my picture like it said.  Oh silly silly me!  By doing that I was entering the challenge!  Well, I guess the face is done in shades of white, which is what the theme was.  This is pretty funny.  Since I’ve already inadvertently entered the challenge, I’ll finish following the instructions and add my picture here too.  I guess I should go drink some more coffee!

2 Replies to “embrace the face challenge”

  1. This is so funny. I did the same exact thing this morning…had more coffee, and my brain’s still NOT working. Can’t begin to tell you how long it took to add the button to my blog 😉
    I do plan to get it together by the end of the week though, and will add art according to the appropriate theme. Let’s hope. Gloria

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