Welcoming Fun

DH and I happened upon an accidental adventure over the weekend.  On Saturday, we headed downtown to run some errands.  When we got there we found the streets blocked off, so we couldn’t drive to the store we had intended to visit.  That’s ok; we parked the car and got out to walk, and to find out just exactly what was going on.

open street
(all photos courtesy of DH)

We discovered that Salt Lake City was having an Open Streets event.  One and a half miles of downtown streets were blocked off to cars, and full of people biking, roller skating, skateboarding, walking, and pushing strollers!


Salt Lake recently started a bike share program as well, and the streets were full of Green Bikes!

biking me

I hadn’t been on a bicycle in over twenty years!  But I turned to DH and said, “let’s ride bikes!”  And we did:)  I was a little worried, not really believing the old adage about never forgetting.  I was pretty wobbly at first, and people kept coming dangerously close to my weaving.

tall bike 2
People were on every kind of wheel except gas powered.

pedal hopper

Some had multiple pedalers.


The Tour de Brewtah was happening too.  We saw some biking Vikings:)

wooden bike
Everybody was getting in on the act!

This was such a fun and unexpected adventure.  It reminded me that I need to make more room for fun in my life.  We started the day with huge to-do lists, and then just threw the lists away and enjoyed some spontaneity!  This also got me thinking more about how we can give up driving more.  DH is already doing great by taking the train to work every day.  Truthfully, I hardly go any place at all, but with changes that the city is making by adding street cars and new train stops close to us, I’m looking forward to being able to get around more without the car.

What about you?  Has your city hosted an Open Streets event?  What kind of Green initiatives do you see happening?

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