Beautiful Gifts from Faraway Places

beautiful gifts from far away places_9
DH and I long to travel, yet for the past several years we’ve had to restrict this to the arm chair variety, and of course living vicariously through our world traveling friends and family.  Recently, we’ve been absolutely spoiled by friends bearing gifts from other lands.  Our globe trotting Ninja was here a couple weeks ago.  Knowing how much I adore textiles, she gave me this beautiful tablecloth from Madagascar.  She thought I could add my own colorful touch to it with some stitching.  I just don’t know though.  It’s so amazing as it is!

beautiful gifts from far away places_8
She also gave us this wonderful puppet from Cambodia. Isn’t he beautiful?

beautiful gifts from far away places
Shortly after Ninja’s visit, some friends invited us for dinner. Her mother had just moved here from Japan and brought lots of beautiful textiles with her. I was knocked off my feet when she gifted me with the contents of this bundle!

beautiful gifts from far away places_1
They thought I could put these to good use making pretty things:)

beautiful gifts from far away places_3
There are gorgeous scarves.  This top scarf uses an ancient Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori.  It’s a very intricate and involved process that includes tying, stitching, binding, folding, and dyeing.  There is no way I’m cutting up this treasure!

beautiful gifts from far away places_2
There are three child size kimonos.  Hirokosan tells me that these sell at the thrift stores like t-shirts here.  I’m going to just let them hang around awhile before I take the scissors to them.  I want to be absolutely sure that I know what I’m doing first, and I just want to admire them.

beautiful gifts from far away places_5
This one is a baby girl’s kimono.  It’s still very long; it’s put on the baby and then wrapped up like a present:)  The colors in this one are amazing.

beautiful gifts from far away places_4
This one is for a little boy.  I can just imagine the make-believe play this would spark in a little guy!

beautiful gifts from far away places_6
My own imagination is churning away, thinking of all the possibilities for this cloth!

Have a happy weekend.  I’ll see you Monday:)

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