Sitting with Bees

hanging with bees_3
There are times when you just need to let go of everything and go sit with bees.

hanging with bees_7
I did that the other day, and took pictures of them of course!

hanging with bees_10
I promise not to make you look at all 150 of them;)  There is lots of fodder here for future bee paintings!

hanging with bees_4
I’ve felt very anxious and stressed out lately. Sitting there in the lavender, watching the bees mill about was relaxing and peaceful.

hanging with bees_8
The aromatherapy of the lavender did much to soothe my senses.

hanging with bees_6
It was so very interesting watching their behavior. There was a large group of these more mellow, yellow bees, who buzzed about lazily, going about their business.

hanging with bees_11
Then this lady showed up. She was alone, and much whiter.  She flew around really fast, torpedoing, (actually making contact!) the other bees and chasing them off the flowers. It was curious to me how this one lone bee could be so aggressive against the larger group. They made no effort to gang up and chase it off. Maybe there is a lesson here for human behavior. I don’t know. What do you think? Can you see parallels?

hanging with bees_5
I need to follow these bees’ example and be industrious. We are packing up and heading to Colorado tomorrow. That means I have lots of work to finish today! I’ll take next week off from blogging, but will bring back pretty pics of Colorado.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Hello Bobbi, your photos are amazing! I am thinking about bees a lot lately with all the chemicals being spay on crops, killing them uncontrollably , so it is really nice to see these “happy bees” pics. And yes we have a lot to learn from nature 🙂 Have a wonderful trip……

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