Handmade Joy Exchange

fabric bird blue french fabric_1
Earlier this year, I participated in Anne’s Handmade Joy exchange over at My Giant Strawberry. I posted here about what I received, but never did show you what I made, which was this fabric bird.

handmade joy fabric bird_3
My first version of this bird is the one I made last winter at my mom’s house, with the kitchen curtain fabric. This one is also made with vintage fabric, this time ordered from A Farmhouse in France on Etsy.

handmade joy fabric bird
I have stacks of fabric that I intend to use to make more of these birds, and I finally found some very sharp (I hope) needles and a thimble for doing the hand sewing!

handmade joy fabric bird_2
Today would be a good day to cut out some more pattern pieces!

Hop over to My Giant Strawberry to see the Handmade Joy made by others!

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