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maine order_5
I’ve been getting into Hallowe’en mode over here, putting together an order that is heading to a new boutique in Maine called “Dahlia”.  I’ll be consigning some items there.   This is what my studio has looked like over the past couple weeks.

maine order
There has been an invasion of spiders.

maine order_3
Very creepy spiders;)

maine order_4
and their webs.

maine order_14
Wise owls perching on my easel.

Maine Order Candy corn bunting_1
I designed a new bunting that looks like candy corn.  Yum!

maine order_6
These guys just make me smile:)

maine order_8
So does Mr. Punkin Head, who won’t be filled with candy this year, as we’ll be in Amsterdam on Hallowe’en night.  Good for us, bad for trick or treaters.

I just noticed it’s already 2 o’clock and I have lots to do!  See you Wednesday!

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  1. I love it all! Definitely helps get us in the mood for Halloween decorating. If only Hawaii had a cooler fall season now! 🙂 Love the spooky garlands just as much as I love the floral ones you make.

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