Art Journaling Therapy and Depression

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I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  The truth is I’ve been struggling with depression since early August.  While depression is something I’ve battled all my life, usually it comes in much shorter spurts.  Usually it comes in late winter when I’ve been buried under a Utah inversion, never in autumn, my favorite time of year!  This bout has been tough.  First I came down with a horrible summer cold, then my cat got sick.  The next thing I knew, I was in a deep dark funk and couldn’t pull myself out.   I feel like I’ve finally turned a corner though and just in time!  I was going to be very angry at myself if I was depressed the entire time we were in Uganda!  I have hope;  I’ve had five days of feeling good and even managed to feel happy and positive while sitting in traffic today.
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One thing that has really helped me, is I’ve been using art to work through the darkness.  Awhile back I talked about wanting to do art journaling again.  I start most days in the studio allowing myself to just play with pretty colors and old paper.
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I’ve been very drawn to Halloween imagery.  All of these archetypes represent a shadow side; through these symbols I’ve been able to work through my own darkness.
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Just allowing myself to play, creating work that is only for me, is not only fun, it’s freeing.  My creative juices are flowing strongly.  This is definitely a practice that I am going to keep up.
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This is probably the last blog post for awhile.  We leave for Uganda on Monday.   Thank you to everyone who has donated or made a shop purchase to help support our volunteer work.  We appreciate you so very much.  It warms my heart to know that there are such wonderful, caring people in this world:)

While in Uganda, I will be posting to my Facebook page – hopefully every day.  The hotel does have wi-fi, so cross your fingers that all will go well.  If I am able to, I will post here.  I will most certainly be bringing back lots of photos and stories to tell!

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  1. Bobbi,

    I am so glad that you turned the corner! I understand how dark and listless the days can be and am so glad that you could art journal through it. I will pray for you while you are in Uganda and don’t forget to take your art journal with you.

  2. Holy cow, I totally missed that you moved websites, I have been so worried about you! I didn’t want to look like a creep e-mailing you so I went searching on your FB page instead, haha. Alright. Maybe still creepy. So sorry that depression has you too- it’s awful. I hate it. Can’t wait to hear more of what you are working on, I need to go read why you are on such an amazing journey right now!

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