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red and green christmas bunting
I went missing again, I know.  I have many more Uganda photos and thoughts; I’ve just been busy thinking about what else I have to say about the trip and what it meant to us.  That and I’ve been busy getting ready for a holiday market that was a complete bust.

woodpecker and midcentury textile design painting
It was the Christkindlmarkt here in Salt Lake.  For three days I sat in a very frigid hut and listened to people say, “oh you do decoupage!”  WTF?!?!?

white breasted nuthatch midcentury textile design painting
Really?  Decoupage?

cardinal and midcentury textile design painting
It’s my own fault.  I told the woman last June when she asked me to be in the market that my stuff does not sell in Utah.   She assured me that this was a “high-end” market and that people came “expecting to spend money”.

red and green christmas flower garland
That’s another thing I heard a lot of, “that’s nice, but we didn’t bring any money with us.”

red crochet flower gift embellishment
That’s if they weren’t saying, “oh crochet is easy; my grandmother used to do that.”  Just because your grandmother did it, doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Perhaps you should have given your grandmother a little more credit.

birds and midcentury textile design paintings
I sound bitter you say?  I am, but like I said, it’s my own fault for falling for her wooing and pretty lies.  This is just one more wake up call to listen to my gut.  Anyway, these guys are all in the shops now, and I do promise to be back soon with more on the Uganda trip and some crafty things I have up my sleeve.

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  1. i have had this experience too many times!! that is why i only do Art Barn, and Craft Lake City…beautiful handcrafted things are not always appreciated here!!

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