Polar Vortex

It is cold.  We left the relatively warm Utah last week, to escape the inversion and to come to Iowa to visit family and friends.  I don’t think the term “polar vortex” really sank in until we got here.

We ran up to Wisconsin to the wedding of some dear friends.  She wouldn’t tell me what they wanted for wedding gifts, so I drew this picture.  She’s a fan of Día de los Muertos.

This morning I woke up to some visitors out the back window.

I was trying to frame her with the frost on the window.  I wasn’t quite awake enough to figure that one out!


I’m worrying about their diets in these frigid temperatures, so I left a little treat.

I was only out there about 7 minutes before I had quite the brain freeze!


There is no doubt that the landscape is beautiful.  The added bonus of course is that we can breathe this clean air.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder:)

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