Educating Girls in Uganda: Update

Justine in her school uniform
It’s time for an update on our young students in Uganda.  Justine, here in her school uniform, has just finished her first semester.  She had some health issues, but pushed through and finished with good scores.  Her highest scores were in math.  Justine is looking forward to starting her next semester in May.

The Fistula Project has been working on a couple grants to sponsor Justine and a new student, Judith.  Through individual donations we’ve raised over $1300.  With these donations we’ve been able to get Judith started on her first semester, and it will cover both of the young women for the second semester.

Judith is 19 years old, the sixth of eight children, and also a fistula patient from Kitovu Hospital.  Judith’s medical issues were congenital, and became worse over time.  She was able to attend primary school, but by the end she was experiencing too much urine leakage to continue.  She was operated on in August of last year, then again in January of this year.  Her doctor gave her the go ahead to start secondary school last semester.  She began her studies in Senior One in March and should be finishing up today!  She is also very excited to continue on with her studies and wants to enter the medical profession.

More good news!  We have teamed up with Women of the World, a local organization that helps women refugees.  They are allowing us to operate under their 501c3; this means that all donations to the education fund will now be tax deductible.

Sister Bernadette is our contact from Kitovu.  She has taken these girls under her wing and is following up on their progress.  I will continue to keep you updated as we go along.  I’m working on getting a photo of Judith!

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