Catching My Tail

apron 1
I’ve been working my way through my fabric stash, finishing up projects I started ages ago.  I love wearing pretty aprons while I cook.  I have to wear an apron, because I’m a messy cook!  Wearing a fancy apron is a little like playing dress-up and I can get away with it;)  This one is McCall’s pattern M5825.  It was so quick and easy to put together.  I don’t know why I’ve been holding onto this fabric for two years!  The fabric is Moda from the Oh My by Sanae collection.

apron 2
This is some more fabric I’ve been holding onto for a couple years.  It’s also Moda, but I don’t know the collection names.  Sorry.  I love love love this apron!  It’s a tutorial I’ve had pinned for some time and finally got around to making up.  It was a bit more involved, but nothing very complicated.  It’s so pretty that I’ve decided I can only wear it while making yogurt or baking.  No grease or tomato sauce will come near this one!

Being a very amateur seamstress, I’ve mostly sewn using fabrics from the chain stores.  After sewing these aprons, I can really see and feel the difference using quality fabrics makes in the results.

sewing projects (5 of 5)
I’m still finishing up the English Paper Piecing projects.  I hand stitched the hexies to a length of linen.  Now I’m going to continue to hand stitch around each one.  I also switched over to triangles to make a little bunting to match.  I find that I don’t get quite the level of point-matching-accuracy with the triangles.  I don’t know if this is because I made my own templates – something I’m not likely to do again – or if triangles are just harder than hexagons.   I figure I plan to hang this up high, and one would need pretty good eyesight to see the mistakes, so it’s all good.

sewing projects (4 of 5)
I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with these hexie flowers yet.  More tea towels perhaps?  Or they might become coasters.  I kind of like that idea.

sewing projects (3 of 5)

Here are two more projects that are on my worktable for this week.  I’ll tell you more about them later!

5 Replies to “Catching My Tail”

    1. Thanks Holly! Most of it is just like I said, it’s the little girl in me that wants to play dress up! I love the idea of wearing a retro style dress, but at 53 there’s only so much I can get away with. In my own kitchen I can wear whatever I want! lol!

  1. You have some pretty fabrics going, and you’ve made such pretty things from them. I love paper piecing, but now it was a long time since I did anything with my “big project” (it’s boxed up). Maybe I’ll bring it out this summer… Hmm… 🙂

    1. Thanks Hanna! What is your big project? I was just sitting here thinking about what it would take to do a paper pieced quilt top. I have no idea where to begin on the designing of it. I guess just approach it like a painting…..

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