Road Trip to Zion

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We’ve lived here in Utah ten years this week and this is the first time we’ve been to Zion National Park.   Our attempts to get there are really rather amusing.  Last September, we drove down to St. George to visit Craig’s parents and to borrow their luggage.  We thought, “Hey! Let’s go to Zion’s while were here!”  Not considering that it was Labor Day weekend, we packed up and headed for the park.  Everyone in the world was there!  The parking lot was full and the only choice was to go to town, park, and take the shuttle back.  We didn’t have that much time, so chose to come back a different day.

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We chose Memorial Day weekend!  Yes, we are brilliant.  Really we thought that we’d go after the weekend and all would be fine.  So we drove back down to his parents.  On Tuesday, we had a leisurely morning, then set out towards the park.  We’d gone barely a mile and Craig realized he had forgotten his sunglasses, so we turned around.  We set out again and after we’d driven somewhat farther, my phone rang.  It was an important call I had been expecting, about which I’ll share in a few days.  Anyway, we had to turn around again so I could take care of an important task relating to the call and involving my computer which was back at the in-laws.

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So back we went.  By now it’s lunch time and we’re all hungry.  We decide to eat lunch and then try again.

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Oh wait.  Craig read his email and discovered that someone had scheduled him for an important, perhaps life changing, phone call that afternoon. It’s getting quite comical now.

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My sun and stars:)

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On Wednesday morning, we decided to try again before we headed home. This time we got all the way to the park!  We parked and hopped on the shuttle that drove us through the park, stopping at the sights to see.

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We decided to forgo the walk along the edge of the cliff face.  That arrow is pointing at a hiker.

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Here is a better view of what he’s walking across.

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The scenery was grand and breathtaking.
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Spectacular it was.

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If you’d like to see more pics, I’ve put them over on Flickr.

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  1. WHAT a story! So glad you did get to actually visit the park. Every single park in Utah is spectacular. And most of what is in between too truth be told. Love all your images. Popped over to flicker and am now following you and will enjoy spending more time at Zion later today once I finish catching up!!! Thank you for sharing adventure.

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