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Rowan's Big Vacation (1 of 6)
Home again, and the house is quiet.  Too quiet.  This little darling flew back home.  We had a fantastic and whirlwind vacation!  Craig and I left Utah, drove to Colorado, where we met up with my daughter who handed our granddaughter over to us.  We spent the night with my son and his girlfriend, and the next morning headed eastward on our way to Iowa and the family reunion.  We decided to spend the night in Omaha to make the trip a bit more bearable.  Rowan is a perfect travel companion!

She has freeze powers, you know.  She made it snow in July in Omaha.  She did.  Really.

Omaha has a sweet little Old Town area, with lots of shops and restaurants.

Because we’re working on the grandparents of the year award, we took Rowan out for a very late dinner and rootbeer float before bed.

Rowan's Big Vacation (2 of 6)
The next day we fed the fish in the pond at the hotel.

Rowan's Big Vacation (4 of 6)
Then took Rowan for a strawberry “spresso”.  Because, you know, the award and all.

We headed on to north central Iowa, arriving in the afternoon.  She was so cute when we drove up to my mom’s house, “I didn’t know Grammy lived in the woods!!”  We had a little relative quiet that night; the rest of the family started arriving the next day.  I don’t think I slept for a week.

On the 4th, we got up early and went to Clear Lake for the parade.

She was impressed.  There was also a trip to the carnival, and on the night of the 4th we went to fireworks.  The husband took all of the photos in Iowa and I don’t know where the carnival and fireworks pictures are.  I’ll have to get after him;)

The next day was the family reunion.  We gathered at a park near my mom’s.  My daughter’s boyfriend was in charge of grilling.  We had standard picnic-in-Iowa fare: brats, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, rhubarb cobbler, baked beans.  We were all stuffed!  But still had room for ‘smores!

Rowan's Big Vacation (5 of 6)
After all the fun in Iowa, we came home, with the Queen in tow.  She is a queen, not a princess; she makes that clear.   I finally got to see Frozen.  Seven times.  We built a castle out of toilet paper rolls.  She took possession of a large scarf and an old dress of mine and made it into her Elsa costume.  She wore it constantly! There was a bit of a meltdown one day as a result of an apple juice spill.

Rowan's Big Vacation (1 of 1)
I got her to take the queen dress off long enough to go out and have some fun.  We went to Wheeler Farm on a the hottest day of the year so far.  Only a couple other families were as silly as we were to go out in that.

I’ll have more farm and Iowa pics to share on Wednesday!

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