Autumn in July

wool felt applique autumn banner (1 of 1)
It never fails.  Each year, I start thinking of autumn long before summer even dreams of being over.  I may be even earlier this year than most; although, I think I say that every year too!

We had a much needed cool, rainy day here in Salt Lake yesterday.  I used it to pretend that it was autumn.  I opened the windows and pulled out some wool felt I had picked up last year and not gotten around to playing with.  This is the first panel in a wall hanging I’m making.  I recently gave my bead collection to my daughter.  Now, I’m wishing I’d held back just a couple tablespoonfuls to embellish this banner.  There is more to do on this section.  I’m going to stitch a leafy vine held in the crow’s beak.  He needs an eyeball.

I think it’s curious how typically I’m drawn to a sleek, modern (even if it’s mid-century) look, but when autumn comes I pull toward primitive styled decor.  I guess because it’s homey and gives a feeling of warmth and coziness.

We’re having another lovely rainy day, so I think I’ll keep working on my stitching, dreaming of pumpkins and crows.

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