The Dangers of Living in the World

bpa in my purse (1 of 1)
Recently, I read a very disturbing article in my AARP magazine.  Just the fact that I receive and read AARP magazine is disturbing enough!  This article was about “sneaky culprits” that might be contributing to weight gain.  It mentioned BPA and that thermal cash register receipts are a significant source of the estrogen-mimicking chemical, which messes with your hormones and metabolism.  I immediately thought of my purse-full of receipts.  I started obsessively internet searching for articles on BPA.  I got myself sufficiently freaked out and started throwing away all of my plastic leftover containers and checking labels for BPA free bottles and bowls.  Now whenever a checkout clerk hands me a receipt I just want to ask, “are you trying to kill me?”  I know they think I’m crazy when I look at the receipt in their hand for a minute before sighing and then gingerly taking it between the very tips of my thumb and forefinger.

The BPA-ridding frenzy wore off; I relaxed a little.  Then I read this Mother Jones article that says even BPA free plastics can have estrogen-mimicking chemicals in them.  Now, I’m worrying about the super protective mattress cover we have and wondering if I’m soaking up these chemicals while I sleep.  Or try to sleep instead of worrying about this.

The Mother Jones article does also mention that there is some skepticism about the research and who was funding it.  I would certainly like to see some non-biased research done.  It disheartens me that our current way of life is such a health risk.  We have all of these things that are supposed to add convenience and make our lives easier, such as processed foods and plastic storage containers.  Plastic everything.  Corporations push these things at us, telling us it’s all good and good for us, when in fact most of it is slowly killing us.  It’s all down to money and people getting rich off the masses who eat their pretend food and use their BPA-laden products.

In Salt Lake the air is poison, but the people in control won’t put restrictions on the factories belching out the fumes because some rich bigwig will lose money.  Someone told me recently that Salt Lake’s mosquito abatement program involves adding a chemical to our water.  Our drinking water!  I haven’t been able to find anything to back this up, and I don’t know who is getting rich off that or whose life is made easier by it.  All I know is I think life is killing us.

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