Tramps in the Woods

City Creek (3 of 8)
A couple weeks ago, Craig and I decided some nature was needed.

City Creek (2 of 8)
We took a wee little hike up City Creek Canyon.  The sound of running water is so soothing.

City Creek (1 of 8)
As is being surrounded by green.  Colors weren’t quite changing yet.  They certainly are now!

City Creek (4 of 8)
Acorns were still on the trees.

City Creek (5 of 8)
We saw lots of bicyclists.

City Creek (6 of 8)
Deep in thought over those camera settings.

City Creek (8 of 8)
Can you find the bird?

City Creek (7 of 8)
My favorite part of the walk was when this guy came running down the hill with this giant stick and dropped it at Craig’s feet like that’s just what he was there for!  His human came over the top of the hill moments later.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were all inclusive like dogs, inviting the whole world to join in our fun and sharing our sticks?

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