Goodbye Sweet Rose

Rose the six-toed cat (1 of 2)
Rose left us today.  She’s been our companion for 15 years.  It will take a few days to wrap my mind around the idea that this sweet, funny, six-toed cat is gone forever.

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  1. Bobbi, I know these are tough days to get through. Years ago I lost a kitten I had only had a couple months and losing her still haunts me.

    I felt so bad when i read this today that I had simply hit “like” on the gorgeous image you placed on instagram without reading the text. Scanning much too fast and did not read the text. I hope I did not hurt your feelings. This is exactly why Diane put Hiatus on our phones.

    I truly am so sorry to hear this news as I could tell, even from this distance, you loved this cat so well.

    I am sending you big, warm hugs and much love, sweetheart.

    1. Pam, thank you so much! And no there are no hurt feelings! I am guilty of doing that same thing, just scanning through, saying, “ohhh pretty!” Thanks for the virtual hugs. Very needed right now!

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