Out With the Old and In With the New

photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

Cliche title I know, but I was so happy to let 2017 explode in a shower of fireworks over Sydney Harbour.

Photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

We finished off the old year and began the new with good friends. 

We’re told that apartment there, in the photo above, is where Nicole Kidman lives. If you look real close you can see two silhouettes on the rooftop terrace.

Dear friends shared their home and family with us for a traditional Aussie/Kiwi Christmas, replete with crackers and paper crowns and a pudding whose recipe has been passed down through the generations.

We had a visitor from the US join us, making the day even more special. She refers to herself as our DNA daughter, damn near adopted. That she is. She first came into our life as my son’s high school sweetheart. That didn’t work out so well, but we’d already formed a bond we weren’t interested in breaking.

As has become our holiday tradition, we journeyed down the south coast of New South Wales. We retraced the route we took last year, wanting to share some of our favorite places with our visitor.

In North Batemans Bay, hidden down a gravel drive, you’ll find scrumptious oysters, fresh from the water. This area is part of the oyster trail, that begins in Shoalhaven and travels south to Wonboyn. Have a few of these as your appetizer, then head on across the bridge to….

photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

…Innes Boat Shed for the very best fish and chips around. Just go ahead and stuff yourself on oysters and fish. It’s so good.


photo courtesy Shaedow Photography
The south coast is sprinkled with charming little villages set between coast and rolling farmland. The wooden Santas sitting on awnings seemed to be a theme.

photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

As has also become our custom, we journeyed a bit farther than the year before, down to Merimbula. We had a perfect AirBnB unit, just a short walk from the water in two directions. I was too eager to get my feet in the water and couldn’t bear to wait until the next day, so my beloved and I walked to the beach, completely forgetting how early it gets dark down here. I’m still accustomed to northern hemisphere summers where it stays light until late.

At the end of the trail leading to the beach, we placed our shoes by the fence, so we didn’t have to carry them. We walked along the water’s edge, splashing, talking, stealing kisses. After we’d gone a very long ways, we realized it was getting dark, and turned around. In no time at all, it was like someone had drawn a curtain over the sky. We couldn’t see. Craig used his camera flash to light the bush that lined the beach. There were many of these kinds of trails leading off, but we didn’t see any with shoes, that might lead us back from whence we came! We continued to walk and flash and after a very gigglesome time, the flash reflected off a pair of sneakers hanging over the fence.

photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

The next stop on our journey was Melbourne, a city we just can’t seem to get enough of.  

On our final day in Melbourne, a hellish heat wave arrived. The news warned people to take care and stay inside. There was still much to show our DNA daughter, so we got creative and traveled across the CBD by cutting through air conditioned shopping arcades. While standing in the Block Arcade, deciding where to go next, I happened to notice that we were standing by Hopetoun Tea Room and there was no queue! I’ve never been able to get in because I’m not willing to stand in line for an hour just to eat a pastry. “Quick!” I said, “make a line!” We did and were seated promptly. Now that I’ve had their pastry and amazing tea, I think it could be worth standing around awhile.

photo courtesy Shaedow Photography

The last stop of our holiday landed us in Canberra, where we visited the National Museum of Australia and the Songlines exhibition about the Aboriginal Seven Sisters Dreaming stories. It’s only there until the end of February, so if you have a chance at all, do go see it.

Also at the museum was the Midawarr/Harvest exhibit. I was mesmerized by this watercolor painting Distant Glimpses by John Wolseley. Comprised of many paper panels, it spanned the width of the gallery, and contained watercolor, printing, sketches, and I think even some collage. 

We had such a short time in Canberra, that we didn’t get to see much more than this museum and an amazing pork sandwich at Mocan & Green Grout, which is most definitely a worthy destination. We were told by several folks that there wasn’t much to do in Canberra. That was simply incorrect information. Next visit, and there must be a next visit, will include all the other museums: The National Portrait Gallery, The National Gallery of Australia, the Library, The National Science and Technology Centre…. The list goes on and on, not to mention the historical government buildings to see. At just three hours from Sydney, I’m thinking this would be a perfect weekend trip. 

“Oh honeeey!” (starts packing bags)

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