Curious Curiosities

little bird

This little bird just flew over to my Etsy store.   When I pasted those words on him last night I had no idea that he was a fortune telling bird or that today would just get curiouser and curiouser as Alice says!

Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside!

december 8 snow

This is the view from my front door this morning.  I sort of knew this was coming, but was still surprised when it happened.  Denial, yes.  We really needed the snow though, to clean the air.  Here in Utah we get these horrible inversions that hold all the pollution down in the valley and then we get to breathe it.  Last week it hurt to breathe everytime I went outside.  The snow has kept DH home from work, which is a double edged sword.  I love you Honey!!!

Along with the snow I woke up to some very pleasant surprises.  Life is so curious and unpredictable.  The last couple of weeks I’ve felt so out of synch with the entire Universe.  My body, even, has been out of synch with my mind; I drop, spill, knock over, trip.  But the worst part has been in the area of communication.  I’ve felt like I’m speaking a different language from everyone else in my life, especially DH.  Yesterday I struggled so with feelings of being a misfit, and then this morning I get up, turn the computer on and right there in my inbox are uplifting messages from old friends I haven’t talked to in forever, and even some new friends I haven’t met yet in person.  A huge boost to my art ego came from a young woman who saw my work over at Art Access gallery; she wrote to tell me how much she liked what she saw.  Such a seemingly small act has really made a difference in how I feel about approaching my day.  It reminds me, too, to reach out to people and let them know what I think about them and the work they’re doing.

There are some people out there in bloglandia whose work and words I find incredibly inspirational.  These are blogs I visit everyday for the beauty I find there:  wonderful art of all shapes and forms, incredible photography, inspiring words.  Margie at resurrection fern and Karen at sew and sow life are two places I go to find peace.  They both have this deep connection to nature and life that comes through in their artwork and the thoughts they share on their blogs.   Another blogger I enjoy reading is Linda at tortagialla.   I have learned so many things reading about her journey through the artist’s life.  And all of these bloggers/artists inspire me to greater heights.  I am simply amazed at the work they put out and wish I could be so prolific!!

This is just incredible; as I’m sitting here typing away, I received yet another ping from another person I haven’t spoken to in about 10 years.  I wonder what other wonder this day holds in store!

Holiday Gift Idea

yum cake

I was making this cake yesterday when I thought of a fabulous idea for a holiday gift for someone who likes to cook.   The recipe is at smitten kitchen.  I’m not even a chocolate fan and I like this cake.  It’s always a hit with all of my chocolate loving friends.  I have seen people fight over it when I made this version.

gift basket

Start with a new bundt pan, and fill it with the ingredients minus the eggs, butter, and sour cream.  The recipe calls for mixing together the flour, sugar, etc.  You can measure that out and put it in a mason or other attractive jar.  Add some nice cocoa powder, a bottle of stout, good chocolate for the ganache.  Print or write the recipe out on a pretty card (crediting smitten kitchen of course), add in some decorative elements and there you have a very nice gift!

Snowman Winner!

moving on

Rose the six-toed-cat has chosen a winner!  She used her little (big) paw and clicked on the Random Number Generator (with some help).  And that number was………

DRUM ROLL***************************!

 Number 10!  Terri!  So Terri, I need you to send me some information on how I can get Mr. Snowman to you.  Email me at bobbijlewin at gmail dot com and he’ll be on his way.  You should do that soon, because we have a big snowstorm coming through and if you read my post about my postal phobia, you’ll know you don’t want to give me any extra excuses for not going to the post office!  just kidding;)

Thanks for all the great comments you guys left!  Several people have expressed interest in the cat, and she’s decided that I just don’t feed her enough, so she has chosen her own winner and is packing up.  I suspect she may be going to live with Rod, since he did promise tuna! tuna! tuna!  Of course, knowing her, she’ll probably pick a warmer climate.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you Terri:)  Thanks for playing everyone!

Yeah for Friday!

snowy the owl

In between hot flashes today, I made this little snowy owl.  He’ll be in my Etsy store in just a minute.

This is how my day has gone:  put the sweater on; take the sweater off; turn the fire place on; turn the fire place off; turn the furnace up; turn the furnace down.  Right now it’s about 35 degrees outside, 65 degrees in the house, and I’m sitting here in a sleeveless summer shirt.  I have my sweater nearby.

I’ve been planning a date night with DH tonight.  Dinner at a new-to-us restaurant and tickets to a show after.   I think I’ll even take advantage of this hot flash and shave my legs while I don’t have goose bumps.  TMI???


felted bowl

I am so surprised by all of the comments I’ve been getting on the snowman giveaway!  I expected a few, but by Sunday I may have to revise how I choose the winner!  Or else Rose is going to have to learn to count higher.  I appreciate all the great comments; there have been a few that crack me up.  And I just may be sending Rose to someone:) Nah, I’ll keep her.

I just put this felted bowl for sale in my Etsy store.  I’ve decided I love felting!  It’s just so cool how the wool changes when you add hot water and friction.  And it’s fun sculpting as I crochet or knit the item.  By adding and subtracting stitches I was able to get this sort of sea urchin shape, and then the felting process made it more pronounced.

Off to get some dinner on before DH gets home!


ascending mount breaderest

I’m participating in the Giveaway Day hosted by Sew, Mama, Sew.  If you’d like to win one of these fun little snowmen, just leave a comment here.  This is really going to test my Postal Phobia!  That’s right!  I will take this little guy (or his brother) straight to the post office and mail him to the winner!  I will even ship internationally, which will be good practice filling out that little customs form I will need to attach to it.

Rose the six toed cat

The contest will stay open until December 6, when Rose the Six-toed-cat will be choosing the winner with one of those really big feet you see there.  

Oh, and that pretty rye bread up there?  It’s going to make a tasty sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  I hope the snowman decides to share.


I just realized that my post from yesterday certainly did not instill in anyone confidence in my ability to actually mail items purchased from my Etsy store.  Go go marketing genius!!!!  I promise.  I give my solemn Etsy oath – as stated in my shop policies, I will mail items within 1 -2 business days of the order.  I have no choice really; if I don’t step up to the postal plate, I won’t have a business.  So there you have it.

Wow.  I wonder what kind of brilliance I can manifest today.

In Need of Sparkly Things


Well, I managed to get the Etsy store open!  And I have a whopping FIVE items in stock!  But that’s better than zero.  And I plan to add more as the week progresses.  Basically opening the store was pretty easy, there are just so many parts to think about.  To make things easier on myself right now, and to hopefully entice some holiday shopping, I decided to offer free shipping for this month.  The whole postage thing just really has my head spinning. 

Now I know that it shouldn’t be that complicated, but I am postally challenged.  I really am!  If I buy a present for someone out of state, I would rather just get in the car and drive it to them than have to deal with the post office.  This is how it usually goes –   I buy the present, take it home and wrap it.  I set it somewhere and think about going to the post office.   A couple days later I find a box to put it in.  I wait a couple more days – or weeks.  Then I put it in the box, tape it up, and label it.  Wait a few more days.  Call to see if they are planning on coming to town this year.  Send an email saying I’m sorry I missed their birthday.  Either I finally get around to mailing it, or I do indeed just wait until I go see them in person.

I have more balls to felt, and I seem to remember not putting that very sharp, barbed needle away properly….. oops!

Hobo Snowmen

hobo snowmen

In between visiting and eating this week, I’ve been making more snowmen.  I’m planning on launching my Etsy store on Monday morning.  It will be a little launch, but these guys will be there, along with some other small items.  I’ll be adding some of my paintings as I go.  

Be sure to come back to visit me here on December 2 for a free give away.  If you want to play too, visit Sew, Mama, Sew

Hope you’ve all been having a great week!