I finally took down the Hallowe’en decorations tonight.  I always push that off for as long as I can, Hallowe’en being my favorite holiday, and autumn being my very favorite time of year.  I opened the big Rubbermaid storage tub and it was redolent with spirits of Hallowe’ens past.  I smelled 1993, my goblin and faerie princess children sticky with candy and the excitement of the shadowy night.  I miss those days when my children were small.  They’re all grown now, and starting to give me grandchildren.  Well, one grand daughter so far.  I can look forward now to a new generation of goblins, and best of all, filling them with candy and sending them home to their parents!

Welcome to my blog

Good morning!  This is the first post of my new blog.  I’m learning as I go, so things may be wonky for awhile.

I’m sitting here in my dining room, looking out the window and watching all of our unraked leaves blow into the neighbors yard.  I’m feeling guilty because I watched Ray raking, sweeping, and thoroughly cleaning his driveway yesterday.  But the leaves are so pretty when they fly around in circles like they are!
And that precisely is what this blog is meant to be about, the art of life.  As an artist I see beauty in the mundane.  I’m not claiming to be exceptional in any way, but I do know that if we’re both given a camera, my husband would be taking pictures of the vast panorama of the mountains and I’ll be taking a picture of a curious crack in the rock.  And so as I go through my days, my goal here is to chronicle my journey as a visual artist and as a being in this world.